Coin buying and selling

Buying coins

We buy gold and silver coins: modern investment coins, modern commemorative coins, antique (commemorative, imperial), and collectible coins.
We quickly determine the exact and objective numismatic coin buying price.

  • - overall condition;
  • - year of manufacture;
  • - wear and tear;
  • - mechanical damage;
  • - sccuracy of the drawing and details;
  • - the value of gold or silver on the world exchange.

By evaluating all of the above factors, we will offer you an objective coin buying price.

Buying Coins
Coins of the Russian Empire

Selling Coins

In our showroom, you can purchase various valuable gold and silver coins according to your individual needs: different denominations of gold rubles of Tsar Nicholas II (coins of the Russian Empire), silver antique coins, collectible coins, modern commemorative and investment coins.
For the purchase of specific coins, please come to our salon or contact us by phone +370 658 37 341 or email.